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ACoPApproved code of practice
ALARPAs low as is reasonably practicable
ATOCAssociation of train operating companies
ATPAutomatic train protection
AWSAutomatic warning system
Axle counterEquipment installed at the entrance and exit of a section of track which records the number of axles passing. The signalling system considers a train to be in the section until the number counted outed out corresponds with the number counted in.
BRBritish Rail
BTPBritish Transport Police
CBACost benefit analysis
CTSAChannel Tunnel Safety Authority
DB SchenkerThe new name for EWS following purchase by Deutsche Bahn
DfTDepartment for Transport
DLRDocklands Light Railway
DWPDepartment for Work and Pensions
ECMLEast coast main line
ERTMSEuropean rail traffic management system
EWSEnglish Welsh and Scottish Railway Ltd (see DB Schenker)
FOCFreight operating company
Four footThe area between the running rails
Gauge corner crackingRolling contact metal fatigue on the inside (four foot) top corner of a running rail.
GSM-RGlobal system for mobile communications for railways
GWMLGreat Western main line
HLOSHigh level output statement specified by the Secretary of State for Transport
HMRIHer Majesty’s Railway Inspectorate
HSCHealth and Safety Commission

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