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CIRAS - what happens re small teams?

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I've just been contacted by a railwayman who is worried that his team is so small and specialised that if he contacts CIRAS with his concerns, they may not be able to keep his identity confidential as it will be obvious to his colleagues that he has reported them.
I believe that any safety issue should be raised regardless of the agro it causes at work but that easy for me to say when I don't have young children to support any more and I don't have to worry about losing my job or being hated at work.
Any help?

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DO IT! You are not reporting your colleagues, you are highlighting dangerous work practices, put in place by "de management". Just think how you would feel if you say nothing and something untoward happens, possibly fatal.
Could you live with yourself if you know you could have prevented it?

Topics: 9   Posts: 10
Thanks for the comments. I agree completely. Sadly, however, in this case, he has already moved from the job. He wasn't convinced that helping to prevent accidents to his colleagues was worth losing his job/friends etc over, especially when they were as bad as the management. After a while, it's hard to help when the people at risk are the ones who are slagging off the ones whose are trying to do the job safely. I think that if the management and the staff are as foolish as each other, the situation is self perpetuating. Changing these teams is almost impossible and the only thing which will change their attitudes is a fatality. He said that he's tried and failed. Getting out was his only option. I truly hope that this is an isolated case.
Thanks again for the comments.

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