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Level Crossing Discipline

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So we think we have problems

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Interesting, but this is still my favourite...

I have a clip from the US which i'll post later, for all the PW fraternity

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struggling with the link...


There should be a vid clip here...... I do have a serious rant about NWR and their control of possession management in the UK that goes with this, but ive decided not to aire it here.

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Couldn't you give us an "executive summary" of the rant?

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If you are still struggling with the video clip upload, you can send a message through the private message system to funky monkey. He's one of our experts and I know that he's working on our site for us today. He's really good and very helpful - as long as it's IT - not railways.

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Good video clips. I didn't realise that you could put you tube clips onto the Rail Network. info site.
I understand the frustration of the people waiting in the Egypt clip. The train did take a long time from the barriers coming down and it was going really slowly. You can see why people think that it's perfectly safe to walk over the line. The unknown speed is clearly the potential killer. You can see how imposing, what might be seen as, excessive safety features causes the breach of the rules. So is this the same over here? Do the people who jump the barriers in Britain decide that our safety feature is too much or are the just idiots? I wonder where they could get the idea that safety is over the top - any Journo's following this site should take note and start feeling just a little bit ashamed of yourselves.!!!

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This is even crazier.  Pity the poor train driver.  Is it a Toyota Prius?

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