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Network Rail Masts Cause Serious Illness

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Recently Network Rail installed a new mast and base station next to our home.
I now suffer seriously high blood pressure as a result caused by the electromagnetic pulse from the mast.
My doctor proved it was the mast by checking my blood pressure up the road,at home and by the mast.
As I stood up the road it was normal,very high at home and off the scale and life threatening as I stood 10 metres from the mast.I now have to sleep in my car out of the village and Network Rail will not even call me to discuss the problem despite calling them weekly.
Telecommunication experts checking the radiation from these masts have told me they should never be intstalled within 650 metres of houses.
This mast is not only pointing down the railway but also down the full length of a  public footpath running alongside the track 
I now have a reporter covering my case and after contacting other residents near existing masts,have come up with interesting results 

View my website www.networkrailmasts.co.uk

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We're really sorry to hear about your ill health. We hope that you find a solution. We can't, obviously comment on the rights and wrongs of Network Rail in this case but we are happy to be part of the information sharing for all the railway. If any Network Rail staff would like to comment, they can do anonymously on this site if they prefer.
I guess that a legal case may arise. Please keep us informed. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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