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Passenger Overcrowding

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I've just seen Anson Jack on the BBC News. He was representing RSSB and he said " I fundementally disagree that overcroding has anything to do with safety  in any way"

One word came to mind but I'm not supposed to use it in polite company!

Surely the report which says that "Overcrowding" will get worse but that's perfectly acceptable hasn't realised that the element "OVER" withing the word, suggests that it is already unacceptable!

Anson - if you read this, I'd just like to tell you that I would like all you so-called railway experts such as you, to travel every day in a STANDARD carriage at rush hour for a journey lasting at least an hour twice a day. I'd like you to be stressed, hot, tired and at risk of losing your job if your late into the office again!!!!

Please wake up to the real world and have a tiny bit of empathy for your passengers. You reap what you sow and your callous,ignorant comments make us real, traditional old railwaymen look bad. Even animals have welfare standards when they travel.

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