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Catch 22 on NCCA & pts

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Hi, Can anyone help? I am in the process of going for some work on the Railway.To be on the safe side, it has been decided that pts certificates would be a good idea for my staff.
I agree. I want them to have the training even though they won'r actually be working on the line.
I've tried to get them on a pts course, but the the course people won't let me without an NCCA number and for that I've been told I need a Link Up safety audit. That's ok but by the time I've done the audit the the job will be over!

The auditor wants to see pts training records but I can't get the training without the audit.

Is it just me or am I stuck in a catch 22 situation? Is there another way! I want to do what's right and I want to keep my men and everyone we affect, safe!  Surely I must be missing something?!?!

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We have just helped a client, who is new to the Railway Industry. They needed to get through a Link Up Audit really quickly. We helped them to turn their safety systems into Railway ones and the fact that we didn't have PTS evidence wasn't a problem. Although the audit looks flawed,the auditor was smart enough to see that the system was good and used evidence of other competency management records. The PTS records can be provided at a later date. Link Up provided enough for us to get the men trained.
Don't worry - the audit is not a bad as it looks! If you want to go through it in more detail you can use the message facility and it'll e-mail me direct.

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