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First Aiders CPR Training

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A coronor has called for CPR trained staff to have their training improved.
A 16 year old girl had a coronory episode in a swimming pool. The lifeguard pulled her out of the water and gave her CPR. The mouth to mouth and chest compressions were stopped as soon as breathing was detected. Tragically the young girl was then left at the side of the pool while paramedics were getting to the site.

The paramedics found that the girl had never regained a pulse and the CPR should have been continued right up to the moment the paramedics took over. They tried defibrilation but it was too late.

CPR training doesn't currently explain that the pulse must be found before the mouth to mouth and chest compressions stop.  The girl would have lived if her lifeguard had known this.

All first aiders need this update. The news report is on the articles section of the Rail Network site.

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My first aid qualification is about 10 years old and I need to update it. I'll get quotes from the usual suppliers like St John and Red Cross but if anyone has any suggestions about which ones are best, I'd appreciate it. The comment above suggests a need for a CPD type system for update. I realise that a CPD system would be unnecessarily complicated and put people off volunteering, but I have heard of several examples of the first aider doing what they were taught but new information shows that it was wrong. I don't know how I'd cope with making a mistake which ended with someone losing their life. Are there any sites which can help with the info we need.

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I've been doing a project with a working group for a website which shares info for safety professionals.
It's being launched really soon and will be on
A fist aid section update will be on the site so that we can access updates/new info in one place and also ask for help from varioius people in the know.
I'll keep you updated.

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I'm on a first aid course at the moment. I'll ask about this tomorrow and let you know what the trainer from St John says to us about CPR.

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