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Eurostar Tunnel Incident

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I was listening to the news today and mothers with babies were explaining how Eurostar did nothing to help them when they were trapped in the tunnel. A doctor told the press that she had spoken to people on the train who had seen Claudia Shieffer escorted from the train many hours earlier while the vulnerable were left.

I'd love someone from Eurostart to tell me that this wasn't true.  A few years ago, I took my baby on Eurostar! Thank God it was fine. I trusted in the systems because I've seen the safety system for the tunnel. I thought it was great. I've always sung their praises. They've got some good people and they had a great service which we were all proud of.

If there had been a fire in the tunnel - I know Eurostar has all the systems to get everyone out really quickly.

If the passengers with babies had known that, they may have started fires!!!

Safety systems are great but what about the needs of the vulnerable. Please - someone - give me some information to put my faith back into Eurostar Railway Managers.

I notice that no news articles have hit this site on the subject -   Too shameful I guess.


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It is shameful. I don't see that these conditions are unique in the last 15 years of Eurostar operation. Things are changing at Eurostar with a major restructuring coming into effect. The French are now dominating the business. I really hope this recent problem has nothing to do with that.

None of the news stories have mentioned that ASLEF's Eurostar drivers were on strike on friday and saturday in a dispute over the fact that the fall in the pound has reduced the value of their international allowances. Eurostar apparenty have more than enough French and Belgian drivers to work all services without ASLEF drivers. This should be a golden age for Eurostar but it will be interesting to see how the business goes in the next few months.

Anyone on the 'inside' like to comment?

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I thought that a fundamental part of Eurostar's safety case was that their trains would never be stuck in the tunnel if there was a fire. This was perhaps the reason for there being no contingency for an event such as this. This incident demonstrates that trains can get stuck in the tunnel presumably demonstrating that Eurotunnel's safety case is flawed.

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