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PTS Logbooks

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I have a question about the new pts logbooks.
If a contractor gets a pts for a one off project, then doesn't go near the track for the next couple of years, I understand that they should do the full course again and not just the refresher.  What if the pts holder works in a Depot environment and doesn't work under a COSS.?  What are the rules? Some staff hold pts's to access trains in depots for train maintenance duties.

Any ideas/help please?

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I understand from NCCA, that a Line Manager can sign the books. They are to designed to help with demonstrating on going competence. The fact that they have worked in a track environment and are egnuine railway workers not one off contractors can be recorded in the book and signed off internally.

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Thanks. I called NCCA and they were really helpful.

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I am sure that most companies could schedule the minimum 2 visits per year to track, to ensure ongoing competence.
In the past we have use site visits and inspections as well as carrying out a briefing and a track visit to highlight specific issues raised in the briefing.

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You can't schedule a couple of visits to the track if you are not a company carrying out track work. That would be trespassing! I have a client who puts up temporary bridges. They work on huge projects - they did the Workington one which was featured on this site in a news article. They have done just two railway projects. Obtaining the correct competencies was essential to getting the railway job done safely. The job was a great success and the men carried it out really well and most importantly, safely. They may not do another railway industry job for a couple of years. It depends when the need arises. They need to maintain competence levels / Link Up audit etc. They can't just let their men walk onto the track to get some experience.
However, NCCA recognises this and allows management staff to provide competence assurance in these situations. They were really helpful.

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Spot on Fiona. People need to understand the difference between a competency management system and ticking the trackside visit box to keep a ticket.

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Please can someone explain for our non UK rail friends, what a pts is?

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