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I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who make Steam in Swindon such a good museum.
My son is 8 and he has loved it since he was very young. I know that a lot of the work is done by volunteer Railwaymen and others who are committed to keeping this facility open for everyone.
I know that the local schools find it invaluable and I love the amount of hands on activities provided for all ages.
I can remember being taken to a Railway museum when I was 4 and I was shouted at by a member of staff as I tried to see into a loco. I remember my Dad complaining that children should be allowed to climb up and see exactly how they operated.
I really appreciate the fact that my son can do just that. There are often experienced Railway men and women around to explain things too. It's really well thought out and loads to see.
 It's  conveniently next to the shopping outlet, so those family members who are not so enthusiastic for Railways can occupy themselves and meet in the cafe later!!!

If anyone else wants to check it out, it is in the old railway works in Swindon. The site is www.steam-museum.org.uk

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We went to Steam this summer I agree - Well worth a visit.

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Steam also has some great meeting room facilities and can also host bigger events such as dinners.  I've been to quite a few meetings there.

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