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Mobile Phone Marketing etc. Careful with your personal details at Infrarail etc.

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I've just received yet another advert for Infrarail and wanted to share a slight note of caution about registering for such events.

I'm almost paranoid that my mobile phone is for my family and friends and not for common knowledge. Every time this event comes about, I get swamped with junk mail and e-mail junk mail etc. I havn't attended for a few years as I had a disagreement with them - which I won't go into now - and they took my mobile number down to contact me on the day.  I now get sales calls from railway companies onto my mobile phone. It annoys me !!! to say the least ! I don't know if Infrarail passed on my mobile number without my consent - but I certainly can't think of anyone else who had it!  I don't know why companies think that it's ok to send sales calls on mobiles. I wish they'd stop. I don't think it's just me being old and grumpy is it?

Be careful what you sign up to. They have a few unusual terms and conditions - for example - the term that says you agreed to terms 8 years ago and they are automatically carried forward to future events and then not listed on the current terms. They assume that free entry means they now own all your data and can use it as they chose.

Now I use slightly altered spellings on adress etc to see if I can see where details have been sold.

If an Infrarail person would like to prove me wrong . I'd be happy to hear it. Progress is always welcomed.

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