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Hall Sensor picks up 20,000 pulses per second in rolling stock

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Hall sensor picks up 20,000 pulses per second in rolling stock

August 12, 2010 | Julien Happich | 222903192
Hall sensor picks up 20,000 pulses per second in rolling stock Baumer's MTRM 16 hall sensor was specifically developed for the contact-free pulse detection of fast-spinning gear wheels. With its robust metal housing it is predestined for the use in harsh conditions. The sensor has been particularly optimized for applications in railway gear boxes and therefore meets all of the demanding requirements for the employment in this industry.

The very compact hall sensor picks up the rotational direction as well as rpm speed of gear wheels with up to 20,000 pulses per second. Due to the non-contact measuring principle, the sensor is maintenance-free, thereby guaranteeing long-term trouble-free use.

At the same time it is very robust and temperature-resistant. Thanks to the completely sealed and coated all-metal housing, the sensor may be exposed continuously to gear box lubrication oils. Its optimized housing design with integrated O-ring allows fast and easy installation.

The notably robust housing design qualifies the sensor not only for the direct integration into the railway gear box or the engine, but also for outdoor applications regarding rolling stock. For instance, mounted directly onto the shaft, it can be used for controlling the functional grip between wheel and rail.

Thus, slipping of the rail during brake application and sliding during acceleration can be prevented seperately for each shaft. As a result, excessive and irregular abrasion of the wheelset as well as of the rail is avoided.

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