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Man dies urinating on 3rd rail
 Man dies from electrocution while urinating on subway's third rail Zeno was walking along the underground subway tracks during his last moments Had been to multiple bars within hours of his death A friend electrocuted trying to save him is expected to liveBy Ryan...
Alstom and Adif sign an agreement to develop the technology for a third rail signaling system
Alstom and Adif - the Spanish railway infrastructure manager - signed an agreement to develop a new third rail signaling system. The project is part of a framework agreement signed by both actors on November 2012 to carry out R&D projects at Adif's Railway Technology Center in...
Rail line upgrade to be pilot for phasing out ‘third rail’
 Rail line upgrade to be pilot for phasing out ‘third rail’3 September 2012 By Lorna Sharpe from: http://eandt.theiet.org/news/2012/sep/third-rail.cfmThird rail schemes have high energy lossesGovernment plans for Britain’s railway network not only include funding for further...
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