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Arty makeover for 'eyesore' platform
 Arty makeover for 'eyesore' platform Friday, November 11, 2011Grimsby Telegraph at : http://www.thisisgrimsby.co.uk/story-13819338-detail/story.htmlA NEW sculpture will be unveiled at Cleethorpes railway station in the spring – and the clean-up has already begun.Local...
Passenger hurt as peice flies off train travelling through Durham Station
 Passenger hurt as piece flies off train travelling through Durham Station by Kerry Wood, The Journal Apr 25 2011 from :...
Stoke-onTrent platform too short for Pendolino
22 March 2011 Last updated at 19:07 Share this page Facebook Twitter Share Email PrintFrom the BBC Stoke-on-Trent platform 'too short' for Pendolino trainNetwork Rail has applied to extend a platform at a listed Staffordshire railway station to cope with planned longer...
Car driver ends up on Esher station platform
Motorist, 80, ends up on platform at Esher station The car had to be reversed from the platform by police officersFrom the BBCAn 80-year-old motorist who took a wrong turn in his car and drove on to a railway station platform in Surrey was arrested for dangerous driving.Witnesses to the incident...
TOC investigates fall between train and platform at Yardley Wood, Hall Green
 Investigation launched into accident at Hall Green railway station after claims over first aid cabinet  //'); tm.siteLife.daapi.getArticle( "44-97319-25916182", function(article){ tm.siteLife.display.displayCommentCount( article, 'sitelife-commentsWidget-top', false,...
Baby falls onto track, run over by train and survives!
A mother standing on a platform in Australia with her baby in a pushchair, is seen on cctv in the following news clip.http://uk.news.yahoo.com/4/20091016/video/vwl-amazing-video-of-baby-surviving-bein-15af341.htmlShe lets go of the pushchair and the baby tumbles off the platform onto the track...

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