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Union Pacific Railroad Achieves Best-Ever First Half Derailment Safety Performance
Union Pacific Railroad achieved a record low 2.95 reportable rail equipment incident rate for the first half of the year (through June 30, 2014). This is a 4 percent improvement versus the same period in 2013, when the company reported a 3.07 reportable rail equipment incident rate, and surpasses...
NTSB Recommends Revising Track Safety Standards for Commuter Railroads
The National Transportation Safety Board have issued recommendations to the Federal Railroad Administration and Metro-North Railroad. The recommendation to FRA is to remove the current inspection exemption for high-density commuter railroads and require all railroads to traverse each main track...
New York state fines CSX Railroad $10,000 over two oil train derailments
 New York state fines CSX Railroad $10,000 over two oil train derailmentsThe New York state Department of Transportation has fined CSX Railroad $10,000, saying the company failed to report two oil train derailments within an hour of when they happened as required by state law.By The...
TSA make CN hand over complete safety records suspecting failure to report derailments
from: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/tsb-says-cn-rail-failed-to-report-hundreds-of-derailments-collisions-1.2451186TSB says CN Rail failed to report hundreds of derailments, collisionsAuthorities first noticed discrepancies in 2005By John Nicol, Dave Seglins, CBC News Posted: Dec 09, 2013...
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