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Boxing Day rail 'shutdown' thanks to Tory minister's hypocrisy, says Labour
 Boxing Day rail 'shutdown' thanks to Tory minister's hypocrisy, says LabourLabour accuses Stephen Hammond of abandoning pledge made in opposition to improve rail services on day after Christmas Patrick Wintour The Guardian, Thursday 26 December 2013 from:...
More London Midland cancellations planned until December
 20 October 2012 Last updated at 17:03 from the BBC at : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-20016880.More London Midland trains cancelled over staff shortages Trains were cancelled on several routes from Birmingham Staff shortages and cable theft led to delays and cancellations for rail...
Train companies respond to ORR's proposed licence change on passenger information
Responding to the ORR’s proposed licence change on passenger information, Michael Roberts, Chief Executive of the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) said:“Significant progress has been made in recent years and the industry is investing millions of pounds to provide better, more...
Train companies respond to report into rail passengers' needs during unplanned disruption
In response to Passenger Focus’s report into rail passengers’ needs during unplanned disruption, a spokesperson for the Association of Train Operating Companies said:“We understand passengers’ frustration where there is disruption and appreciate that they want concise, relevant and up to...
Passengers want honesty when they face rail delays
In a report released today, the independent passenger watchdog has found that some passengers do not believe the reasons given to explain delays and cancellations. The research suggests that passengers want franker, more factual explanations of what has gone wrong.Passenger Focus worked in...
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