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CCTV & news footage compilation of various train accidents/incidents
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zrPNTDAtMQThis link is for a You Tube compilation of some train crash footage and near miss incidents from CCTV and news reports around the world. It lasts around 8 minutes. The sound is pretty loud with crossing bells, warning sirens and drivers blowing up - so if...
TV Commercial to highlight Railroad Industry, GE Transportation employees
GE launches TV spot highlighting the railroad industryGeneral Electric has launched a 60-second television commercial that highlights the railroad industry -- as well as GE Transportation employees. You can see the ad on YouTube. ...
Man who helping staff eject fare-dodger charged with assault
 Fare-dodger assault man chargedBy Gaby Leslie | Yahoo! News – 22/12/11   A passenger who threw a suspected fare-dodger off a train in Scotland has been charged with assault, British Transport Police have said.Alan Pollock nicknamed 'Big Man' is seen in...
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