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Railway Worker Struck By Train
 Railway worker killed after being struck by passenger train on Redhill lineThe Rail Accident Investigation Branch said it will investigate last month's fatal accident to identify a cause of the collisionByAlexander Brock  2nd December 2018 from:...
Railway worker finds corpse in station locker.
from: http://news.nationalpost.com/news/world/tokyo-train-station-worker-finds-elderly-womans-corpse-in-suitcase-nearly-a-month-after-it-was-abandonedTokyo train station worker finds elderly woman’s corpse in suitcase nearly a month after it was abandonedThe Associated Press | June 1, 2015...
Network rail fined for worker death
 Network Rail fined for worker's deathMonday 28 May 2012by John Millington Network Rail was fined £150,000 on Monday for failing to keep workers safe, causing one to die and another to lose his leg.But rail workers called that "a pittance compared to the human cost."In 2007...
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