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Train companies respond to Channel 4 Dispatches programme
In response to the Channel 4 Dispatches programme on the railways, a spokesperson for the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) said:“The railways are attracting record numbers of passengers. With 1.32billion journeys made by train in 2010, the railways carried more passengers in a...
ATOC says Which? report on rail travel 'misleading and misrepresentative'
In response to research by Which? on rail travel, a spokesperson for the Association of Train Operating Companies said:“This is seriously misleading and misrepresentative. Asking 150 questions on unrealistic and obscure scenarios cannot come close to giving a representative view of the 1.3...
Train companies respond to report on off-peak fares
Responding to a report by Which? about off-peak restrictions, a spokesperson for the Association of Train Operating Companies said:“Rush hour happens at different times of the day in different parts of the country, so it’s not surprising that peak times can vary.“Train companies use cheap...
Train companies extending peak charging hours, survey finds
The Telegraph reports that a survey by Which? found that East Coast, is charging its highest fares on trains running from just before 3pm and Virgin from just after. CrossCountry classifies peak services as starting at 3pm.“The general trend is getting worse for the passenger,” said...
First class tickets sold where no first class service exists
 Train companies accused of selling 'fake' first-class ticketsBy Victoria Bischoff | 11:05:33 | 27 May 2010See City Wire for mor more info   http://www.citywire.co.uk/personal/-/news/markets-companies-and-funds/content.aspx?ID=402844  Train companies are selling...
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