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Rail Safety Agency rule on train cameras
from: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Rail-Agency-Cameras-Safety-Trains-Chuck-Schumer-Metro-North-Derailment-239819411.htmlRail Agency Developing Train Camera Rule: SenatorsCalls for the new measure followed the deadly Metro-North train derailment in the BronxSunday, Jan 12, 2014...
Texas Train Crashes into Truck on Tracks - Video
 Train in high-speed crash with truckDramatic footage shows a train crashing into a truck which appears to be parked across the tracks in Texas. TelegraphPlayer_10371656  video footage at this link page:...
Rail line collision staged to highlight track dangers
20 August 2012 from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-19311235Rail line collision staged to highlight track dangersCannot play media. You do not have the correct version of the flash player. Download the correct versionAdvertisement $render("advert-post-script-load");Over the...
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