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Sheffield tram death leads to safety proposal
 Sheffield tram death leads to safety proposal 27 September 2017 From the section Sheffield & South Yorkshire from the BBCImage copyright RAIB Image caption Stagecoach Supertram said safety would "always be our absolute priority" Tram operators should develop new ways to...
TfL plans for improved Tram Safety following fatal accident
 TfL reveals its plans for making trams safer following crash which killed 7 peopleBy SamanthaBooth  |  Posted: January 18, 2017Adam Gerrard/Daily Mirror Transport for London has published a report into potential safety improvements on Croydon tramsTfL reveals its plans for making...
Dublin Tram extention approved
 Dublin's Broombridge tram line approved 06 August 2012IRELAND: The national planning authority granted a railway order on August 3 giving powers to build a €370m tram line through central Dublin to Broombridge. Opening of the latest addition to the Luas light rail network is planned...
Member of Disabled Users Working Group falls to his death under tram
 Blind health and safety adviser falls to death under tram A blind man who worked as a safety adviser to help other blind people negotiate a public transport network was killed when he fell under a tram, an inquest heard.  On the night of his death Gary Thompson had been out with...
London to lead world as plans unveiled for travel with just a swipe of a contactless bank card
London will lead the world in 2012 when it will become the first city in the world where passengers are able to access an entire transport network with just a swipe of their contactless bank or credit card."We will be the first in the world to allow the millions using our Tube, trams, buses and...
Boy hurt in Croydon tram accident
A seven-year-old boy has been taken to hospital with serious leg injuries after he was hit by a tram.  From :   http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20101115/tuk-boy-seven-hurt-in-tram-accident-6323e80.html The boy was hurt in the accident in Croydon during Monday's rush...
Rail passengers asked for views on tram services
Rail passengers will be given a chance to have their say on proposals to introduce a new tram offering a regular service between Watford and St Albans with the launch of a consultation today.The exciting plans would enable passengers to travel between St Albans and Watford on a regular...
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