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Fatalities as train derails in Taiwan and flips over
 Taiwan train derailment in Yilan County kills at least 18  21st October 2018       Image copyright TAIWAN RAILWAY ADMINISTRATION / HANDOUT Image caption Rescue operations are continuing into the night At least 18 people have been killed...
Termites fell tree, causing Taiwan train fatalities
From: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/uk-news/2011/04/29/termites-blamed-for-taiwan-train-accident-91466-28604668/A forestry expert investigating a fatal railway accident in Taiwan said today termites gnawed a large hole in a 100-year-old tree, causing it to fall and crush an oncoming...
Six Chinese Tourists Killed in Taiwan Train Crash
 Six tourists killed in train crash Wednesday, 27 April 2011  A train has overturned in a mountainous region in southern Taiwan, killing at least six Chinese tourists, the island's president said.The Government Information Office said the accident injured 61 other people, 23...
Taiwanese driver falls asleep whilst driving at 190 miles an hour
 From Yahoo.comA high-speed train driver in Taiwan has lost his job after being caught dozing off while travelling at nearly 300 kilometres (190 miles) an hour, media and officials said Monday. The incident happened late last month when the train carrying hundreds of passengers was...
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