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Amtrak to begin screning carry-on bags at Union Station
 Amtrak to begin screening carry-on bags at Union StationPassengers who decline random checks will not be allowed on trainsThe Chicago...
Selectamark to protect Dutch railways from metal theft
 Selectamark to protect Dutch railways from metal theft27 Jan 10By Anthony Hildebrand Selectamark’s Dutch distributor, Rhine Group BV, has won a major contract to protect the main rail infrastructure in the Netherlands from metal theft, using forensic marking product SelectaDNA.Rhine Group...
Airport-level security at 195 sensitive Indian railway stations
NEW DELHI: Railway stations across the country would soon sport security systems on a par with airports. Indian Railways, the country’s largest transporter of passengers and freight, has identified 195 sensitive stations for a security makeover; reports the Economic Times of India.“The...
BTP saddle up for track safety.
BTP OFFICERS SADDLE UP FOR TRACK SAFETY DURING SCHOOL HOLIDAYS BTP officers who usually spend their days underground on Tube trains are donning their cycle gear and heading out on bike patrol in a summer holiday campaign to keep youngsters safely away from the railway. The off-road...

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