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UK Government say war on car is 'over'.
  Rail commuters heading back to work this week face fares rises of up to 13 per cent (Pic: PA)Routes from Kent bore the brunt of the highest rises, while fares across the network rose on average 6.2 per cent – almost double inflation.  Coupled with increases on bus fares and on the...
UK Rail passengers hit by price rises
 Rail passengers hit by fares hike1:37pm Sunday 2nd January 2011  from The Telegraph  http://www.yourlocalguardian.co.uk/uk_national_news/8766175.Rail_passengers_hit_by_fares_hike/Inflation-busting rises in rail and Tube fares have taken effect with some mainline season...
Station Parking Shock
 Station Parking Shock4.30PM   Fri Nov 19 2010http://www.itv.com/meridian-east/station-parking-shock34180/   Meridian News Video Report is available on this link.Increases on the wayRail passengers in the region are already facing some of the biggest fare increases in the...
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