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Railway works completed
from: http://www.lep.co.uk/news/traffic-travel/railway-works-completed-1-5880045Railway works completedPublished on the 23 July 2013 00:00Published 23/07/2013 More than £18m of improvement work on the railway between Warrington and Preston was completed yesterday after nine consecutive days of...
MP vows to fight for railway line
 Thursday 14 March 2013MP vows to fight for railway linePublished on Thursday 14 March 2013 12:20 from: http://www.lep.co.uk/news/business/mp-vows-to-fight-for-railway-line-1-5497592 A MP has vowed to fight for the reinstatement of a railway junction after a House of Lords debate heard...
Virgin Train Fire causes West Coast Main Line Problems
 Virgin Train fire causes more problems on West Coast Main LineLast updated Thu 28 Jun 2012   A spokesperson for Virgin Trains has told ITV Border that the 17:20 Birmingham to Glasgow service caught fire near to Lockerbie station.The train consisted of two diesel powered trains...
Station crime down at East Lancashire railway stations
 Crimes down at East Lancashire railway stations2:30pm Friday 31st December 2010 From http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/burnley/8765157.Crimes_down_at_East_Lancashire_railway_stations/?ref=rssMORE than 600 crimes, including sexual offences, robbery and violence, have been...
Demolition plans for landmark rail bridge
 Demolition plans for landmark rail bridgeFrom Lancashire Evening Post.Steam: The dilapidated Vicars Bridge, is set to be removedPublished on Fri Sep 10 09:31:26 BST 2010  LPart of a landmark railway bridge could be pulled down if plans are given the go-ahead. The Vicars Bridge,...
Northern Rail Conductor dies after being hit by train
 Thursday 29 July 2010 function testfunction(commentid) { var commentidvar = commentid; $("input#reportcommentid").val( commentidvar ); } Guard dies after being hit by trainFrom the Lancashire Evening Post  . To visit their site...
Preston Station gets £1m makeover
Work is progressing well on two Network Rail schemes at Preston station worth over £1m that will make the station much more pleasant for passengers using the lifts and subways.The station has two subways. One is linked to the platforms by ramps; the other is served by lifts.Both subways are...
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