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First Alstom’s Pendolino high speed train of the new series delivered on time
A  The first of a total of eight Alstom’s Pendolino ETR 610 trains ordered by the Swiss operator, SBB, in July 2012  left Savigliano manufacturing plant in Italy today, in accordance with the planned schedule.At its arrival, the train – which has already obtained the type...
Alstom sets a new high-speed record with its Pendolino in Poland
Alstom sets a high-speed record in Poland reaching 293 km/h while conducting tests on its Pendolino train on the Gora Wlodowska - Psary line north-west of Krakow. The record was reached as Alstom was conducting tests in the presence and in partnership with its customer, Polish operator PKP...
The foundation stone for Polish Pendolino has been laid
Alstom and PKP IC signed the foundation act and laid the cornerstone of a new depot for the maintenance of the new high speed trains owned by PKP IC. The depot will include a workshop hall with rails and overhead catenary, an automatic wash area, as well as offices and personnel facilities.The...
Alstom delivers ahead of time the last Pendolino coaches for the West Coast Main Line (UK)
Alstom delivers the last Pendolino coaches for the West Coast Main Line in (UK) operated presently by the operator Virgin Trains. This delivery which occurs ahead of time concludes the train delivery part of the €1.8 billion order placed by the UK Department of Transport in 2008.The contract...
Alstom will supply 8 additional New Pendolino trains to SBB, the Swiss federal railway operator
Alstom has been awarded an order from the Swiss federal railway operator, SBB, to supply 8 additional New Pendolino high speed trains that will be added to the existing fleet of 7 trains already owned by SBB. This order, worth around €200 million, is an option of the contract signed in March...
Stoke-onTrent platform too short for Pendolino
22 March 2011 Last updated at 19:07 Share this page Facebook Twitter Share Email PrintFrom the BBC Stoke-on-Trent platform 'too short' for Pendolino trainNetwork Rail has applied to extend a platform at a listed Staffordshire railway station to cope with planned longer...
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