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Cyclists in race ignore level crossing and ride infront of SNCF high-speed train
from: http://www.irishtimes.com/sport/other-sports/french-railway-company-file-complaint-after-paris-roubaix-incident-1.2173966French railway company file complaint after Paris-Roubaix incidentRiders narrowly miss oncoming train after peloton gets split at a level-crossing The peleton is...
Alex on... Rail travel between London and Spain
Alex on... Rail travel between London and SpainBusinessTraveller- 28/01/2013 10:25 GMT from:http://www.businesstraveller.com/news/alex-on...-rail-travel-between-london-and-spainLondon to Barcelona and Madrid in a day – by train For the first time ever you can leave London mid-morning by...
First Citadis T7 tram presented to STIF
On 12 January 2013, Alstom Transport presented the first of the 19 Citadis trams for the T7 line to Jean-Paul Huchon, Chairman of STIF, the body responsible for organising public transport in the Paris region, and Chairman of the Ile-de-France regional authority, at its La Rochelle site attended...
Eurostar enjoys passengers boom
 Eurostar enjoys passengers boom Eurostar enjoys passengers boom By Peter Woodman, PA Thursday, 14 April 2011  at : http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/eurostar-enjoys-passengers-boom-2267638.html      Channel Tunnel...
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