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Statement of Rail Infrastructure Funding 2019 - 2024 from Secretary of State for Transport
 Rail Infrastructure Funding:2019 - 2024:Written statement - HCWS160WSDepartment for TransportMade on: 12 October 2017Made by: Chris Grayling (Secretary of State for Transport) CommonsHCWS160 Rail Infrastructure Funding:2019 - 2024   I am today publishing my final...
The case for public ownership of UK railways is compelling - Guardian Blog by Seumas Milne
 Rail is a gigantic scam for siphoning off public moneyBranson and FirstGroup have both gamed a disastrous privatisation.The case for public ownership is compellingguardian.co.uk, Tuesday 28 August 2012 22.20  from:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/seumasmilneSeumas...
Passage of House bll could cut funds for HSR
Passage of House bill could cut funds for HSRThe House has passed a $1.2 trillion resolution to continue funding government operations. In it, the House cut much of the $2.5 billion budget for high-speed rail. The bill has already been forwarded to the Senate, where it is opposed by Democratic...
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