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Third class rail travel on the way back
 Third class rail travel on the way backMinisters are facing accusations of turning the clock back 50 years with proposals to introduce a third class of rail travel on the East Coast Main LineThree class rail travel could be making a comeback Photo: GETTY  By David Millward,...
Network Rail reveals investment plan to improve performance on East Coast main line
Network Rail today revealed details of an investment plan of £15m, aimed at improving the reliability of the infrastructure and punctuality of train services on the East Coast main line.Focusing particularly on the southern end of the line, Network Rail is redoubling its efforts to improve...
RAIB investigate broken rail incidents on the East Coast Main Line
The RAIB is investigating a number of rail breaks that have occurred on the East Coast Main Line. These include: a vertical rail break that was discovered on a section of continuously welded rail, after a member of public had reported unusual levels of noise as trains passed over a stretch of...
RAIB investigates incident at Durham station, 10 April 2011
The RAIB is carrying out an investigation into an incident which occurred at Durham station on the East Coast Main Line on Sunday 10 April 2011.At about 12:30 hrs, a final drive cardan shaft dropped onto the track from an empty passenger train travelling from Neville Hill depot (Leeds) to Heaton...
RMT calls for long term renationalisation of East Coast Main Line
RAIL UNION RMT today welcomed an announcement by Transport Secretary Lord Adonis that the East Coast Main Line franchise, currently run by National Express, will be renationalised this autumn for longer than originally expected but have called on the government to set a firm timetable for...
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