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Respect the Edge - New Rail Industry Safety Campaign aimed at child safety
 The rail industry is putting out a fresh warning to school pupils and their parents to not take rail safety for granted. With the new school term, the rail industry is asking passengers to Respect the Edge by: Keeping away from the edge of the train platform, regardless of whether there...
Poster campaign educates drivers on leaf fall
 Poster campaign educates drivers on leaf fallA new poster campaign created by the M&EE Networking Group Information has sought to help drivers to ensure that leaf fall days do not turn into SPAD days. The campaign encourages drivers to know their area, alter their driving and adjust...
"Unfair-fair dodgers" take to trains protesting ticket prices
 Protesters Rail Against 'Unfair' Fares 5:30am UK, Saturday April 16, 2011Lulu Sinclair, Sky News OnlineHundreds of "unfair-fare dodgers" are taking to the trains in protest at what they describe as a huge hike in ticket prices. The equivalent journey in France would cost...
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