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Lowest ever rates of crime on the transport system
Crime on Transport for London's (TfL's) transport system has continued to fall - down 2.3 per cent on last year."We want all users of our services to travel safely and with confidence and we will continue to work with our transport policing partners to ensure the network remains safe "...
Emergency vehicle provides faster response to railway incidents
A dedicated police response vehicle is being used across south and west London to help reduce disruption to passengers caused by emergency incidents on the railway.The vehicle, which has been commissioned and funded by the Network Rail and South West Trains Alliance in partnership with British...
Stay off the rail lines, say Transport Police
 5:45am, Wed 20 Feb 2013Rail lines safety warningsStay off the rail lines, say Transport Police- last updated Wed 20 Feb 2013UKBritish Transport Policetrains     British Transport Police on patrol Photo: ITV News Central at:...
BT Police need help identifying people trying to steal phones on trains
 From BT Police Media Centre at http://www.btp.presscentre.com/Photo-Library/Do-you-know-this-man-Sandilands-2359.aspx  Visit th BTP site for more criminal cases which need your help. 27 Jul 2012 11:30 Do you know these people? Images released after attempted phone snatch –...
 14 Oct 2011 16:27POLICE WARNING AFTER TROUGHING LIDS ‘DELIBERATELY PLACED ON TRACKS’ IN DONCASTER From BTP  at http://www.btp.presscentre.com/Media-Releases/ British Transport Police (BTP) has issued a stark warning to Doncaster residents as a train struck troughing lids...
Security guards given police powers to help British Transport Police
 Security guards given police powersPrivate security guards are gaining limited policing powers under a Government scheme to relieve the petty crime burden on forces. They will be legally allowed to combat under-age drinking, begging and anti-social behaviour around one of Britain's...
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