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RMT slams Government plans to halve numbers of additional rail carriages from 1300 to 650
RMT today accused the government of deliberately distorting the announcement on rail investment to cover up the fact that they have halved the promised number of additional railway carriages over the next four years from 1300 to 650.RMT has also accused the government of kicking in to the long...
More than 2,100 new carriages for rail travellers as Government unveils rail investment package
The Government will invest in more than 2,100 new rail carriages for Britain's railways by 2019, Transport Secretary Philip Hammond announced today as he unveiled plans to modernise the rail network, tackle overcrowding, improve reliability and speed up journeys.Mr Hammond confirmed that...
Thameslink rail spend gets £6 billion go-ahead
 Thameslink rail spend gets £6 billion go-ahead 13 mins ago  From : http://uk.news.yahoo.com/22/20101125/tuk-uk-britain-rail-fa6b408.html Rhys Jones and Estelle ShirbonBillions of pounds of investment is to be pumped into Britain's rail network but the government delayed a...
Intercity train replacement programme to go ahead
UK newspapers arte reporting that ministers will announce this week that the fleet of ageing Intercity trains is to be replaced, at a cost of £7.5bn.A consortium including Hitachi and the British infrastructure project manager John Laing were selected as the preferred bidders on the contract...
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