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Teenage Boy murdered by gang in front of hundreds of rail commuters


Schoolgirls in murder gang: Teenagers face quiz over stabbing that terrified commuters

By Stephen Wright, Neil Sears and Katherine Faulkner from www.dailymail.co.uk
Last updated at 2:13 PM on 27th March 2010

Sofyen Belamouadden,

Victim: Sofyen Ghailan was a pupil at the Henry Compton School in Fulham

Several schoolgirls are to be questioned over the horrific mob stabbing of a 15-year-old boy at a major railway station in the middle of the rush hour.

The girls were spotted by witnesses as part of a gang, many in school uniform, who chased their victim into a ticket hall before cornering and killing him as terrified commuters looked on.

He was named last night as London-born Sofyen Ghailan, a pupil at the Henry Compton School in Fulham.

Twenty boys aged 14 to 17 were being held over the stabbing at Victoria Tube station in central London.

They were questioned at several police stations across the capital.

But the fact that schoolgirls were on the fringes of the murder gang has shocked police, who will now investigate what led up to the attack at 5.20pm on Thursday.

A major line of inquiry is that the victim was targeted during a planned fight between rival gangs of pupils from west and south London. The feuding gangs are said to have fought each other in the days leading up to the murder.

The killers are thought to be from a number of schools in South London. Sources said they arrived at Victoria by bus and initially attacked Sofyen outside the station.

Then, with girls following closely, they pursued him down the steps into the station before delivering the fatal blows in the booking hall for the District and Circle lines. The boy suffered at least four serious stab wounds to his upper body.

A police community support officer was drenched in blood as he tried desperately to save the boy's life, but he died in hospital.

A police officer stands guard at the site of the stabbing while commuters attempt to get home from Victoria station yesterday

A police officer stands guard at the site of the stabbing while commuters attempt to get home from Victoria station yesterday

Detectives have recovered several weapons, including at least two knives, from near the scene of the attack.

Detective Superintendent Ashley Croft, of British Transport Police (BTP), who is leading the inquiry, said it was a 'reckless act of violence' and said there was no evidence the victim knew his killers.


Flowers left at the tube station where the stabbing took place

A police source said: 'This as a chilling and murderous ambush carried out by a pack of wild dogs.

'They were so brazen they did it in the full glare of dozens of CCTV cameras and more than 600 people. It's completely lawless.'

Last night a witness described how he saw a schoolboy thug brandishing a 10in screwdriver leading at least 15 black youths into Victoria.

The 25-year-old music producer said: 'They were all aged 15 to 17 and they were all male. I heard somebody shout something and they all started running towards me.

'Suddenly there was this big lad standing in front of me with a massive screwdriver in his hand. At first I thought it was a knife.

'The boy was about 16 and he was wearing a black hoodie and black school trousers. I jumped out of the way pretty quickly and they all ran past me into the station.

'Then I saw a massive scuffle with lots of kids. It looked as if they were all trying to get at something on the floor but there were too many of them for me to see properly. I now know it was this poor person who had been murdered.

'There were kids arriving all the time. There were four to five groups of two to three and I saw a couple of schoolgirls.

'The attack lasted for a long time, it was at least two minutes.

'Then they scattered in small groups and ran out of different exits.' 

Police are examining CCTV footage of the incident but say there is no evidence that any girls were directly involved in the attack. However, their testimonies could be crucial in establishing what happened.

Sarfraz Ahmed, who manages a shop in the station, said youngsters had been causing trouble at Victoria for a few weeks.

He said: 'One day last week a gang chased a boy into a shop and attacked him and trashed the place. They are about 15 or 16 and come here on their bikes. This place has been like a bloody jungle.'

The scene outside Victoria Station after a man was stabbed to death during the evening rush hour

Investigation: Police officers are looking at whether the incident involved pupils from rival gangs

One commuter said a screaming row broke out between schoolboys inside the mainline railway station the night before the murder.

John Angeli, 47, from Haywards Heath, West Sussex, said: 'There was a big kerfuffle with about ten or 15 kids all in uniform, aged about 15 or 16.'

Last night a Daily Mail reporter who approached the victim's home in Acton, West London, was told by three youths to leave immediately under threat of violence.

The stabbing brings the number of teenagers murdered in the capital so far this year to four. Last year the total was 14.

Anyone with information should contact BTP on 020 7391 5275 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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