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Station Escalator Seriously Injures 20 People

From: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/report-russian-soccer-fans-seriously-injured-rome-control-escalator-202115232.html?guccounter=1 The Yahoo Sports site has the video footage of this accident.

Russian soccer fans seriously injured in Rome by out-of-control escalator

                  An escalator sped wildly out-of-control at a Rome metro station, injuring fans of CSKA Moscow. (Twitter/@RBWorldorg)Reuters and the Italian newspaper La Repubblica are reporting that 20 Russian soccer fans have been injured in Rome when an escalator at a metro station broke and sped wildly out of control.Fans of CSKA Moscow were in Rome to watch their team take on Roma in a Champions League match at Olympic Stadium. The match was on Tuesday evening, and the metro station was reportedly full of CSKA Moscow fans on their way to the stadium when the escalator broke. A video of the incident has surfaced on Twitter, and it shows the escalator operating at a blistering speed and hurtling passengers toward the bottom. (Warning: Video shows violent speed and injuries.)
It’s an utterly terrifying scene. La Repubblica reported (via Reuters) that fans were chanting, singing and jumping up and down on the escalator before it broke. The official Twitter account for Rome’s emergency services tweeted a photo of the mangled escalator.
There isn’t much known about the extent of the injuries. Reuters reported that some fans became trapped under the escalator’s metal plates, and La Repubblica reported that one injury was so serious that it required the amputation of a foot.According to Reuters, the metro station is currently closed, with multiple ambulances parked at the entrance
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