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RSSB has published 2018-19 Business Plan


A better, safer railway - RSSB has published its 2018-19 Business Plan

RSSB provides the whole rail industry with the insight, analysis, tools and support it needs to deliver a safe, sustainable and effective railway.

Mark Phillips, RSSB Chief Executive, said:

“Our new Business Plan sets out a step change in our engagement with industry as we build into the crucial CP6 period from 2019. We are pleased to be developing our work promoting health and wellbeing, sustainability and efficiency in response to industry demand, in addition to continuing to lead safety risk reduction and to address future challenges such as Brexit and big data.

“I would like to thank our members for their engagement in developing this plan and helping us identify the strategic priorities for RSSB.”

Key highlights of the 2018-19 plan include:

  • Introducing and updating tools to help reduce safety risk on the railway, promoting operational understanding, learning and decision making
  • A new mental health programme and fatigue knowledge hub to share and promote solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of rail workers
  • New sustainability tools to support action on air quality, social value and carbon emissions
  • Helping to improve efficiency on the railways by introducing new standards and systems to support the effective management of signalling and electrical systems, and the design of rolling stock depots and platforms
  • Building relationships across the industry and making RSSB more responsive and efficient
  • Continuing to prepare the railways for the future through work to address the impacts of Brexit and developing an approach for big data

The 2018-19 Business Plan also sets out how RSSB will develop a new five year strategic plan in consultation with its members, which will set out priorities for the Control Period 6 (CP6) timeframe from April 2019 to 2024.

Download the RSSB 2018-19 Business Plan here: https://www.rssb.co.uk/Library/about-rssb/RSSB-2018-19-BusinessPlan.pdf

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