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70 prosecuted in Northern Ireland over Railway Safety

from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-34177384

Railway safety risks: Seventy-four people prosecuted, Translink says

A train approaching the platform at a station in Belfast
Image caption Translink NI Railways said it was working closely with police to identify risk-takers on railway lines

More than 70 people have been prosecuted over railway safety incidents in Northern Ireland in the past year, figures have shown.

Public transport company Translink NI Railways said the majority of the prosecutions were against drivers.

It said cases had been brought against motorists for ignoring warning signals or driving through level crossings as trains approached.

The convictions cost offenders more than £14,000, it said.

In total, 74 people were prosecuted.


One of the incidents reported by Translink staff was a group of youths playing football on the tracks near Ballymoney station in County Antrim.

Other incidents included pedestrians trespassing, hanging from barriers and running across tracks shortly before trains, travelling at speeds of up to 70mph, passed.

Richard Knox of Translink said the company was working "more closely than ever" with police to identify "risk-takers" on railway lines.

"We now have CCTV at the majority of our crossings and we will continue to prosecute offenders who take risks and put themselves, our employees and passengers at risk," he added.

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