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Schoolboy in India spots track damage and stops train with red 't-shirt flag'


DAVANGERE:  Fourth standard student Siddesh’s curiosity about trains and presence of mind helped in averting a train accident near DCM township on Sunday.

Siddesh is the son of hotel owner Manjunath from Avaragere near DCM township. He used to walk along the railway tracks daily, while coming to his father’s hotel.

On Sunday, while he stood watching trains, he heard a loud noise when a train passed by near DCM township.

When he went looking for the source of the sound, Siddesh found that a portion of the railway track had developed cracks, which was dangerous for trains. He immediately told his father about the sound.

Manjunath and others gathered near the track to inspect, they saw the Harihar-Chitradurga train fast approaching on the same line.

When no one had any idea about how the train could be stopped and a disaster averted, Siddesh quickly removed the red T-shirt he was wearing, and put it on one end of a stick to make it look like a flag, and placed it on the tracks.

The train driver saw the flag and applied the brakes. The train driver and guards then got down, and were shocked to find the damaged tracks.

They immediately informed railway officials, who rushed to the spot and repaired the tracks. Railway officials presented a cash award to Siddesh for helping avert a disaster.

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