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Passenger falls between train and platform

Birmingham New Street traveller falls in front of train

New Street station The woman's leg was pinned by the side of the train, West Midlands Ambulance Service said

A woman escaped major injury, despite falling in front of a train as it came into Birmingham's New Street station.

The traveller, in her 20s, fell between the railway line and the platform, at about 18:00 GMT.

She was pinned by the train, although a spokesperson for West Midlands Ambulance Service described her as "more than lucky".

The woman was taken to hospital for assessment, but appeared to have escaped major injury, paramedics said.

"Her left leg was bent back with the thigh against her body and the calf against the train," a spokesperson said.

"It is clear that had the train gone even another foot forwards then we could be looking at a totally different situation, with the potential for very serious injuries."

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