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Latest Update on Slough Fatalities

UPDATE on Slough Fatalities


Two people killed when they were hit by a train at Slough station towards the end of the morning rush hour today may have been pushed.

Reports from the scene suggested the pair, who were on the platform at the time, were shoved in front of the oncoming train.

British Transport Police said they were "keeping an open mind" and refused to rule out foul play.

11:52 am

Passengers reportedly heard a 'loud bang' as the train came to a stop this morning.

ITV news is reporting comments from people on board when the tragedy happened.

Police officers have been taking pictures of evidence as the area has now been declared a crime scene.




11:50 am

Another picture from the scene at Slough Station now.

The station is shut after two people were killed following an apparent collision with a passenger train.

Police and Network Rail staff are helping travelling passengers who've turned up to the station.

@dzrzv / Twitter Slough train station
People outside Slough train station following and incident where two people have died  


11:48 am

People on Twitter have been posting their sympathies for the driver involved in the incident.

He reportedly apologised to passengers on the train after the collision with two people.

No doubt it's a traumatic experience for anyone driving the train when this happens.




11:47 am

First Great Western has confirmed disruption will now continue until 12.45pm. 

Passengers are being advised to seek alternative routes and may use CrossCountry services between Banbury and Reading, Virgin Trains services between Birmingham New Street and London Euston and Chiltern Railways, South West Trains, London Midland and London Underground on any reasonable routes.

Local stopping 'relief' between Paddington and Reading have reopened but main 'fast' lines remain closed. 

11:44 am

Police are on scene at Slough railway station following this mornings double tragedy.

This picture shows officers standing guard after the station was shut.

British Transport Police are investigating after two people were reportedly hit by a train in the area.

Solent Police at Slough train station following the incident
Police at Slough train station following the incident  


11:39 am

Local journalists have reported a 'huge police presence' at Slough station this morning.

Hannah Crouch of the Slough and South Bucks Express posted this picture on her Twitter profile hannahcrouch_BM

Police have declared the site a crime scene.




11:35 am

The double death at Slough station is now being treated as one case of murder and one suicide, it has been reported.

It is believed the victims are a mother and her child.

After hitting both people train the driver apologised to passengers on the train over the Tannoy.

11:32 am

First Great Western is advising people to check their journeys before setting off.

Due to the incident in Slough this morning a number of services have been cancelled or changed.

Click here on the FGW website to check your journey.




11:30 am

British Transport police have been providing updates on the tragedy and the disruption its causing on its Twitter profile.

Earlier this morning staff wrote: "At this time the incident at Slough has been declared suspicious and officers are investigating the circumstances."

We understand emergency services are still on site at the station.




11:27 am

Two people have been killed after they were hit by a train in the Slough area.

Commuters have been tweeting about the tragedy this morning.

As Claire R points out below, incidents like these are always difficult for the emergency services workers who have to deal with the aftermath.



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