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More on Swiss Rail Derailment - 200 escape alive


Swiss train crash:  updates as railway boss hails ''guardian angel'' after 200 passengers escape alive

Five are said to have 'serious' but non-life threatening injuries while a further six suffered minor cuts and bruises after two carriages derailed

Operation: Four helicopters plus firefighters, police and ambulance crews are on the scene
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5:39 pm

The crash on the Swiss railway network - judged the world's safest - came three days after three people were killed when a mini bus was rammed on a level crossing at Nidwald in central Switzerland.

Rhaetische Bahn  runs a network of narrow-gauge routes in Switzerland's mountainous southeastern corner.

The privately run train operator serves a number of major tourist centres, including St Moritz and Davos, and also crosses the Bernina Pass to the Italian border and on to Tirano.

Their distinctive red trains are hugely popular with holidaymakers, especially during the summer months.

5:10 pm

Graubünden Police say none of the five passengers described as seriously injured are in any danger of losing their lives.

Work is also underway to return luggage abandoned at the scene to the panic-stricken passengers that left it behind.

The stretch of mountain railway where the drama unfolded will be closed for at least two days, according to the Rhaetian Railway.

4:51 pm

Reuters Switzerland
Death defying: A railway boss said it was lucky that nobody had died in the crash  


Stefan Engler, chairman of the Rhaetian Railway, told local radio it was 'huge luck' that there had been no casualties and said there was a "guardian angel" on the train.

He was asked about the decision to operate trains on the mountain route in such treacherous weather conditions but replied that "now was not the time to speculate".

Just 11 passengers were injured in the crash, five of them serious.

4:28 pm

Googlemaps Solisbrücke Switzerland Train Crash Site
Crash point: A detailed map of where the train was derailed


Further details of the mountain train crash between Tiefencastel and Solis on the Swiss railway network have been revealed.

A mudslide – brought on by prolonged torrential rain – knocked the first passenger coach of the train into a gorge, the car eventually coming to rest against rocks and trees some 100 feet from the railway track.

The second compartment was left swaying in the sky, with passengers crawling up carriage walkways and clinging to seat legs as they bid to shift the weight in the wagon to stop it plunging into the ravine below.

One eye-witness told The Mirror: "The track simply slid away immediately behind the locomotive."

4:07 pm

More pics from this afternoon's dramatic derailment have been posted to Twitter. Amazingly, there were no casualties and just five serious injuries, according to local police.



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