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Mind the gap! Passengers push train off man with trapped leg

from: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/aug/06/passengers-tilt-train-carriage-to-free-man-trapped-in-the-gap?cmp=twt_gu

Passengers tilt train carriage to free man trapped in the gap

Staff seek help from commuters to rescue man stuck between train and platform after he stepped awkwardly and slipped

 Wednesday 6 August 2014 07.42 BST



Commuters in Perth, Australia tilt a train to free a man ( if you cannot view the video footage here, please click on the link to the original story at the guardian)

A commuter who trapped his leg between a train and the platform has been freed after dozens of his fellow passengers pushed the carriage back.

The man was boarding the train into Perth at Stirling station on Wednesday morning when he stepped awkwardly, causing him to slip down the gap.

Passengers were asked to stand to the other side of the carriage to tilt the weight away from the man but it was not enough to free him, a spokesman for Transperth said.

“When that didn’t work, train staff got people off and gathered together enough of them to line up, 50 or so, and say, ‘One, two, three, push.’ ”

man trapped in train gap
The man was not badly hurt and caught a later train. Photograph: Nicolas Taylor/Twitter/AAP

One passenger said the man appeared to be in shock but not in pain, and was lifted to safety by two other passengers once the gap widened. Paramedics treated the man but he was not badly injured and caught a later train.

The witness said the mishap made him rethink the warning “mind the gap”. “It’s not something you sort of think about or really take seriously,” he said. “I always thought it was a bit of a joke but now, yeah, you kind of do.”

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