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Mother seen walking her young children across railway line

from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2709903/The-horrific-moment-mother-walked-two-young-children-LIVE-railway-line-short-cut.html

The horrific moment a mother walked her two young children across a busy railway line to take a short-cut

  • Young mother seen walking children across busy railway line in Pitsea, Essex
  • Woman pushes one child in pram while toddler follows next to busy track
  • Police believe the family may have been trying to take a short cut over lines

By Julian Robinson


This is the terrifying moment a young mother walks her two children across a busy railway line - in an apparent bid to take a short cut.

The woman pushes one child in a pram alongside the tracks while a toddler follows behind her - just inches away from where trains pass at a busy junction in Pitsea, Essex. 

The British Transport Police, who are looking for the woman, has released CCTV images of the family in a bid to alert people to the dangers of trespassing on the railways.

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Dangerous: The young woman is seen pushing her pram across a busy railway in Pitsea, Essex

A spokesperson from the BTP said: 'We don’t know what this woman was doing, but the only reason we can think that she would take two small children across a railway is because she was following a short cut.

'People don’t realise that walking along a train track is just as dangerous as walking down the middle of a motorway.'

The incident came after police warned as many as 14 children and young adults a day are risking their lives and those of rail passengers by trespassing on railways.

Alarming: A child is seen following his mother alongside busy tracks after she opted to take a short cut over the lines

BTP has launched Operation Intruder in an attempt to drive the alarming figures down amid a series of incidents this month alone.

A 16-year-old boy suffered serious burns at Rugby in Warwickshire when he made contact with overhead power lines while playing with friends.

And in Ilkeston in Derbyshire a train hit a concrete block which was put on the tracks by a group of children seen nearby.

In Essex, police were alerted to three children 'dawdling' on a crossing at Westcliffe-on-Sea. 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2709903/The-horrific-moment-mother-walked-two-young-children-LIVE-railway-line-short-cut.html#ixzz393bAr239


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