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First Alstom’s Pendolino high speed train of the new series delivered on time



The first of a total of eight Alstom’s Pendolino ETR 610 trains ordered by the Swiss operator, SBB, in July 2012  left Savigliano manufacturing plant in Italy today, in accordance with the planned schedule.

At its arrival, the train – which has already obtained the type homologation for Switzerland – will pass the last dynamic tests. Two trains are scheduled to be handed over to SBB by the end of 2014.

SBB intends to operate these trains on the Gotthard line for the EuroCity trains to Milan from the end of 2014. The new trains will complement the first series of Pendolino ETR 610 currently in service on the Simplon line. In addition, the second serie of trains is equipped with the tilting technology developed by Alstom for curves in the track, enabling the train to reach higher speeds than conventional trains. The Pendolino ETR 610 is 95% recyclable and uses an electrical system which injects brake power back into the catenary system.

In its seven cars, the Pendolino ETR 610 accommodates up to 430 passengers in comfort seats and runs at a maximum speed of up to 250 km/h. The high standard of the first series will be maintained – wide corridors and gangways offer optimal accessibility and comfort to passengers. Seats are equipped with individual reading lights, electric sockets and a reclining function. They are aligned with the large panoramic windows which allow passengers to benefit from natural light and enjoy the scenery. A video surveillance system ensures maximum safety. 

The Pendolino ETR 610 cross-border train sets for SBB have been designed to meet the European interoperability standards (TSI) and will have Atlas installed – the Alstom European signalling system (ERTMS[1]) – required to operate in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. 

The trains are being manufactured at Alstom’s Savigliano site in Italy, where Pendolino trains have been manufactured for more than 30 years. The other Alstom Transport sites involved are Sesto San Giovanni and Bologna in Italy, Le Creusot, Ornans and Reichshoffen in France, Montreal in Canada, and Neuhausen in Switzerland.

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