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Hopes rise that London Midland rail strike can be averted

Hopes rise that London Midland rail strike threat can be averted

RMT said it had held 'very constructive' talks with train operator in dispute over firm’s plan to cut 200 jobs


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A rail dispute which triggered strike fears is set to be resolved.

The RMT union said it had held “very constructive” talks with London Midland in a dispute prompted by the firm’s plan to cut 200 jobs.

Now hopes are high that further negotiations could avert strike action.

RMT Midlands regional organiser Ken Usher said: “There was a further meeting on Friday which was very constructive and positive progress has been made.

“The position is not as bad as we initially forecast.

“We have further meetings this week and remain confident we will reach a position of acceptance.

“If we reach that position, we will make a recommendation for acceptance and a full report will be submitted to the union executive.

“We still have to tidy up a few loose ends on the impact of the roles in question.”

Mr Usher previously warned a ballot for strike action was inevitable if London Midland failed to back down over the job losses.

The RMT had already put together counter-proposals eliminating the need for any compulsory job losses, with displaced staff accommodated elsewhere within London Midland.

Company spokeswoman Lindsey Preece said: “We are still in a position of consultations at the moment and we hope to be in a position where we can make progress.

“It would be unfair to make further comment.”

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