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Alstom presents its new Coradia Meridian train for regional transport in Lombardy

Alstom invited Alberto Cavalli, the regional government’s Assessore of Transport, Norberto Achille, the president of Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM) and Luigi Legnani, the Managing Director of Trenord, to visit its Savigliano plant in Cuneo, which is currently producing the new Coradia Meridian trains intended to strengthen Trenord’s regional transport services in Lombardy.
Accompanied by Pierre-Louis Bertina, President and Managing Director of Alstom Ferroviaria S.p.A, the officials were given a preview of the first ten 5-carriage trains ordered by FNM in 2012, which will be presented to the general public on 8 June at Cadorna station in Milan. They announced that these ten trains will become 6-carriage versions.

Coradia Meridian for Lombardy

During the visit, Alstom received an additional order for two more 6-carriage Coradia Meridian trains (capable of carrying up to 511 passengers) - as part of a broader project to modernize the region’s rolling stock. The Lombardy government, Trenitalia, FNM and Trenord have set aside investments amounting to more than € 500 million for this project.

“Coradia Meridian is a train that has been designed and produced in Italy, but reflects all of Alstom’s international experience in the field of regional transport,” declared Pierre Louis Bertina. “The commitment of our employees has made it possible for us to respect the planned delivery times. We hope that this demonstration of reliability will open up new opportunities for our Italian production plants and sub-contractors.”

The trains will be delivered at a rate of one train per month, starting at the beginning of June.

Alstom has already produced 14 Coradia trains for FNM, which are currently operating as the Malpensa Express service.

Coradia Meridian is designed for regional operators in Southern Europe. It is an EMU type train (Electric Multiple Unit) that can run at a maximum speed of 160 km/h.  Its concentrated traction system with two motor bogies, optimize the electrical braking capability of the train allowing energy consumption and brake wear to be reduced. With 95% rate of recyclability, the train is environmentally friendly.

Coradia Meridian regional trains are designed and manufactured in Italy. Project development, most of the manufacturing as well as the certification, are done in Savigliano site in Cuneo. The plant in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) is responsible for the design and manufacturing traction systems and auxiliary switchers. Trainborne signalling systems are delivered by the Bologna site.


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