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21st Century Train Travel including High Speed Link from China to USA!


12/05/2014 10:45
The best modern-day train travel

21st-century train travel

The best modern train travel (© Wu Kaixiang/Newscom/Xinhua News Agency)
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Last week, it was revealed that China has been considering huge plans that would change the face of global travel.

The Chinese Academy of Engineering has reportedly drawn up plans for how a high-speed rail link to the United States could be built. The proposed rail line would run a total of 13,000km and include an underwater link.

The route would begin in the north-east of China, travelling up through Siberia, then across the Bering Strait to Alaska. It would then go down through Canada before reaching the United States.

It doesn't end there. According to the state-run Beijing Times, other lines from China being considered include a China to London route (involving travel via Moscow, Berlin and Paris), and a potential route following the silk road (which could reach Germany via Iran and Turkey).

A pan-Asian line, connecting China to Singapore via Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia is already under construction.

We take a look at the best 21st-century train travel around.

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