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KCS VP praises Track Workers for Diligence In Bad Weather

Monday, February 10, 2014

KCS praises MOW team for handling of Winter Storm Nika

  • Kansas City Southern (KCS) was prepared for a hard hit by Winter Storm Nika, which blanketed Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma with several inches of snow, while southern portions of the network experienced some snow, ice and unusually cold temperatures.


On February 5, KCS released a Service Status Update to U.S. customers saying there would be some delays as a result of heavy snow, ice and cold temperatures in the Midwest region. KCS says its operations team has already worked through those delays and is back on schedule.

KCS says its ability to remain on schedule is due in large part to the dedication of the maintenance-of-way team whose members have been working around the clock since February 4, patrolling the track and looking for possible broken rail due to the cold. Fortunately, says the railroad, none has been found. To keep crews and the operation safe, the team has also been cleaning out the switches, clearing snow from walking paths in yards, clearing roads and fighting the wind as snow drifts back over previously cleared areas.

KCS executive vice president and chief operating officer Dave Ebbrecht, said, "I'm always impressed by the preparation, diligence and extra lengths our team goes to during extreme weather disruptions to ensure the safe and efficient recovery of our operation."


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