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Track Deaths - Rappers in Safety Campaign

from Sky News at : http://news.sky.com/story/1143592/train-track-deaths-rappers-in-safety-campaign

Train Track Deaths: Rappers In Safety Campaign

Two rappers feature in a new rail safety campaign as figures reveal 270 people have been killed on train tracks since 2008.


Grab from Network Rail safety campaign video

Video: Harriet Hadfield looks at the shocking rail track death statistics

Network Rail has launched a new online safety campaign as figures reveal a total of 270 people have lost their lives while trespassing on train tracks since 2008.

With young men aged between 16 and 24 making up four out of every 10 of these deaths, the campaign is hoping to reach a younger audience by featuring rapper Wretch 32 and George the Poet.

Kate Snowden from Network Rail told Sky News: "Around 40 people lose their lives every year and we want to reduce that number - particularly young men who think they are invincible."

Network Rail Safety Campaign video Wretch 32 and George the Poet
The campaign is being backed by rappers Wretch 32 and George the Poet

Being struck by a train accounts for 77% of all trespasser fatalities over the last 10 years, while electrocution accounts for a further 15%.

The figures do not include suicides or accidents on level crossings.

The aim of the new campaign is to change the perception that it is easy to react to an incoming train.

Network Rail research shows just over a third of people think they would hear a train in time to move out of harm's way.

The video shows the two featured artists having their own hearing skills put to the test as they try to work out which direction a train is coming from as it travels towards them on a giant video projector at 80mph in the dark.

Rapper Wretch 32 said: "As soon as I stepped into the track test simulator and the normal sounds you'd expect to hear when you're on the tracks, like traffic noise, are added, I didn't make it across in time.

"No matter how much confidence you've got in your hearing and speed, when you're in the dark and a train is coming towards you at 80mph, confidence is not enough to get you across safely."

:: To view the Track Tests video along with a "behind the scenes" version, click here

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