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Transport secretary: commuting by train ‘drives me crackers’

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Transport secretary: commuting by train ‘drives me crackers’

Patrick McLoughlin isn't impressed by rail services

18 hours ago

It’s not just you who finds it mind boggling how terrible Britain’s rail services are – the man in charge thinks the same.

Patrick McLoughlin, the transport secretary, told the Sunday Times he is infuriated by disruption to his regular journey from Derby to London.

“I use the train most weeks to go from Derby to London and I use it on the Sunday and sometimes it drives me bloody crackers,” he said.

He singled out delays caused by engineering works as particularly frustrating.

Not many voters will disagree with that, unlike the other comments he made about why the High Speed 2 rail project is a good idea.

The superfast connection between London and Birmingham will ease overcrowding for thousands, he claimed.

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