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Network Rail Consulting and RSSB forge new strategic partnership

International rail consultancy Network Rail Consulting and rail industry body RSSB have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to secure overseas business.

The new partnership means that Network Rail Consulting can complement the full spectrum of expertise from Network Rail with the knowledge, products and services provided by RSSB.

For the consultancy, the benefit is being able to tap into the independent rail industry body with an international reputation to provide an even broader package of services around the world.

For RSSB, and the UK rail industry as a whole, the benefit is in generating new revenues to support the capabilities and knowledge it provides for the industry, as well as development opportunities for RSSB staff.

Welcoming the new partnership, Nigel Ash, managing director of Network Rail Consulting, said: "Being able to draw on the body of work and expertise in RSSB is a great addition to our portfolio, which is yielding a lot of interest across the globe. There is tremendous appetite to call on our experience as rail specialists, and it’s fitting to be able to weave in RSSB’s knowledge of cross-industry issues and make that available on an international stage too.’

Anson Jack, deputy chief executive of RSSB said: "All of our members – including Network Rail – invest time and money into research, development, innovation and solutions, designed specifically to benefit the British national rail system and support business performance improvements in each company. These solutions also have the potential to support development overseas, and Network Rail Consulting is an ideal partner to help promote these around the world."

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About Network Rail Consulting
Network Rail Consulting Ltd is a subsidiary of Network Rail

Network Rail Consulting aims to harness the vast range of skills and experience available within Network Rail to demonstrate British expertise overseas and be an international ambassador for Britain’s rail industry. It will also help channel innovation back into our core business, helping deliver a better value railway for Britain

The board of directors of Network Rail Consulting comprises Simon Kirby (chairman), Nigel Ash (managing director), Patrick Butcher (director) and Keith Ludeman (non-executive director)

Network Rail Consulting is selling the full range of rail expertise within Network Rail including:


  • Advisory: Re-structuring, privatisation, institutional, policy development and reviews, audits, procurement, bid support, rail operations including retail optimisation.
  • Strategic Planning: Transport master plans, market assessments, demand forecasting, project appraisal and route utilisation strategies.
  • Asset Management: Developing conceptual asset management frameworks, route asset management plans.
  • Operations & Maintenance: Practical operating advice, timetabling and simulation modelling, maintenance regimes and outsourced operate and maintain contracts.
  • Infrastructure Projects: Outputs definition, pre-feasibility, feasibility, project and programme management.


About RSSB
RSSB builds industry-wide consensus and facilitates the resolution of difficult cross-industry issues. It provides knowledge, analysis, and a substantial level of technical expertise, powerful information and risk management tools. This delivers a unique mix to the rail industry across a whole range of subject areas. To find out more about the company see A Guide To RSSB.

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